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Our Current Menu

Explore Our Current Menu. We're Dedicated to Crafting an Array of Delectable Pastries and Breads for Your Delight, with Exciting New Creations on the Horizon!

Pastries and Bread

Fresh Made Gluten Free Pastries.


A Rare Gluten-Free Discovery: Crispy Exterior and Fluffy on the inside.


Gluten free
Dairy free
Baguette  image

Boston Crème Donut

A Gluten-Free Donut, Brimming with Velvety Boston Cream and Drizzled with Decadent Chocolate Ganache.


Gluten free
Boston Crème Donut  image

Jelly Filled Donut

Calling All Jelly-Filled Donut Aficionados! Enjoy a Raspberry-Infused Donut, Dusted with a Sweet Sugar Coating.


Gluten free
Jelly Filled Donut image

Cinnamon Roll

You'd Never Believe This Cinnamon Roll is Gluten-Free. Rich, Incredibly Soft, and Generously Topped with Cream Cheese Frosting.


Gluten free
Cinnamon Roll image

The Classic Donut

Savor the nostalgia with our Gluten-Free Classic Donut, generously dipped in rich chocolate glaze and adorned with colorful sprinkles.


Gluten free
The Classic Donut image

Lemon Roll

GF lemon curd roll, featuring pillowy dough filled with zesty lemon curd and crowned with luscious lemon cream cheese.


Gluten free
Lemon Roll image


Indulge in the perfect blend of tradition and decadence with our Cannoli—featuring rich ricotta, chocolate chips, and the rare delight of being gluten-free.


Gluten free
 Cannoli image

Maple Donut

Elevate your taste buds with the timeless allure of our fluffy Maple Donut. A classic treat that's as yummy as it is comforting.


Gluten free
Maple Donut image

Churro Donut

Take a flavorful journey with our Churro. A golden delight that's crispy on the outside, and warm on the inside.


Gluten free
Churro Donut image

Cookies and Creme Donut

Satisfy your sweet cravings with our delightful Cookies and Creme Donut. Dive into the luscious world of oreos and creamy goodness—a perfect harmony of flavors.


Gluten free
Cookies and Creme Donut image

Raspberry Danish

Experience a symphony of flavors with our Raspberry Danish. Delight in the flaky, buttery pastry embracing a heavenly combination of cream cheese and raspberry jelly.


Gluten free
Raspberry Danish image

Garlic Knots

Warm up your senses with our irresistibly soft Garlic Knots, accompanied by a side of marinara.


Gluten free
Garlic Knots image
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